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  About Dr. Valérie Rubinstein von Raffay  

I was born of Jewish Austrian and German-Hungarian parents in Zurich, Switzerland and raised in Hamburg, Germany. I moved to
the United States in 1987. My early exposure to fairytales, myths, literature, music and art enriched my internal life and provided me with insights as well as a passion for understanding the complexities and richness of human concerns and motivations such as romance, loss, grief, disappointments, conflict, fear and anxiety.

My training and work as a psychologist in Germany and the United States over the past 24 years have provided me with a broad range of experience in inpatient settings and in private practice. I have worked with people from a variety of cultural groups, including Asia, Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

I provide short and longer-term individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, couples therapy, group psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and psychological evaluation for adults with a variety of problems: difficulty with life transitions, relationship conflicts, career/work issues, coping with a loved one’s mental illness or other disability, depression, problems with aging, and anxiety disorders, including trauma.

I also treat individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, who often face difficulties and challenges in coming to terms with their illness.


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